Emergency Services

What to Expect


A clerk will need some simple information from you when you first enter the Emergency Room area. The clerk will then notify the Emergency Staff that you are here.

How do you determine which patients are seen first?

We want to take excellent care of everyone who comes to us for treatment - and that includes seeing you shortly after you arrive. A qualified medical professional will assess your symptoms soon after your arrival. Patients classified as needing immediate attention or "critically ill" are seen first. This means we may see another patient before you - even if they come into the ER after you. However, you or your family will receive the same excellent care we gave those who were seen before you. If, at any time, your condition or the condition of your loved one changes, please inform a member of our team right away.

Can my family come with me to the ER?

Absolutely, we understand a visit to the ER can be scary and the support of your family members or friends may reduce that fear. However, when we are experiencing high-patient volumes, we do limit patients to no more than one visitor, as we do require access to patients, equipment, and staff when a life-threatening situation happens. If you have additional visitors you require, we ask them to remain in the waiting room and our team of caregivers and liaisons will make every effort to keep them informed of your condition.

Can I eat or drink anything while I wait?

We prefer you not have anything to eat or drink while waiting for care, as this may prevent us from performing certain tests or procedures that may be needed to diagnosis your condition. We also ask that friends/family do not bring food or drinks to the ER. Additionally we recommend you check with the nurse that assessed your condition at triage before using the restroom in case a specimen is needed.

How will the ER Team help me with my pain?

Our goal is to manage your pain appropriately based on your condition. We recognize not all pain can be completely eliminated and so our goal is to use a pain scale and assessment to help manage your pain to a tolerable level.

What tests should I expect?

Your ER provider may order tests to help make an accurate diagnosis. Once all the tests are in, the physician will return and discuss the results with you and how they impact your care plan. Commonly-ordered tests and approximate wait time you might experience include:

Blood Test: 60-90 minutes
Urine Test: 30-60 minutes
X-Rays: 45-90 minutes
Ultrasound: 45-90 minutes
Cat Scan: 45 minutes to 2 ½ hours

Upon Discharge

If you are discharged directly from the Emergency Room, you will receive written discharge directions. We will refer you to a private physician or one of our on-call physicians for follow-up care. Please let us know if you require the services of a social worker or at-home nursing care. We will refer you to the appropriate person.

If you should need financial assistance or have questions regarding your statement, call Customer Service at (931) 403-2131 or (931) 403-2130. We will be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Patient Satisfaction

You may receive a phone call about your Emergency Department visit. Please take the time to talk to the supervisor about your visit. Your comments are appreciated and will be considered as we improve our services to you. You may contact the hospital's Patient Representative with your comments and suggestions at (931) 403-2314.