Outpatient Rehabilitation

The Roe Outpatient Rehab Center is located on the campus of Livingston Regional Hospital at 406 First Street in Livingston, Tennessee.

The following services are available for our patients:

  • Physical Therapy for –
    • Neck and back injuries
    • Sports related injuries
    • Stroke and neurological disorders
    • Pediatric therapy
  • Occupational Therapy for –
    • Hand and arm injuries
    • Industrial injuries
    • Debilitating medical conditions
    • Pediatric therapy
    • Stroke and neurological disorders 
  • Speech Therapy for –
    • Language impairments in children/adults
    • Elderly hearing and speech disorders
    • Swallowing disorders 

Goal of Rehab

It is the goal of the staff at Roe Outpatient Rehab Center to work with each patient to assist them with achieving their goals for physical rehabilitation. These may include relieving pain, improving strength, regaining ability to walk, improving mobility, improving speech and language abilities, or improving cognitive and swallowing abilities. 

Who Needs Rehab?

Any condition that causes pain or an inability to function independently alters our lifestyle. The therapists at the Roe Outpatient Rehab Center are trained to assist you in regaining your function, decreasing your pain, and getting you back to living your life to the fullest. 

The following are some of the conditions/impairments we treat:

  • Neck pain and dysfunction from whiplash injuries or surgery
  • Back pain from trauma, surgery, or poor posture
  • Sports related injuries including muscle strains, joint sprains, and fractures
  • Hand and arm injuries that result in pain or require surgery
  • Work related/overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis
  • Decreased functioning as a result of stroke or head injury
  • Decreased strength following a prolonged illness or surgery
  • Language impairments in children, adults, or the elderly
  • Speech and hearing disorders
  • Swallowing disorders

Benefits of Choosing the Roe Rehab Center

  • We are conveniently located on the medical campus of Livingston Regional Hospital which allows for easy access to the many services provided by the hospital. 
  • We provide flexible hours. Early and late appointments are available as needed.
  • You get comprehensive, quality care. Our professionals are trained in the latest rehab techniques which allow for quick recovery.

Methods of Payment

Our facility accepts most insurance plans including Medicare. We also accept private pay as well as worker's compensation.

For More Information

To schedule an appointment to work with one of our trained professionals or if you have questions regarding our center, call (931) 823-7409 or email Jongee Arnold. A physician's order is required prior to being treated by our Rehabilitation specialists.