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Birthing Center

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For those of you who have not visited our unit, let us show you around. Call the Women's and Birthing Center at (931) 403-2170.

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Staff at the Women’s Center are compassionate and dedicated to providing families with an exceptional birthing experience.

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Expecting Parents

The Women’s Center delivers more than 350 babies a year and continues to offer sensitive, personalized health services to each woman, baby, and father. Fathers, siblings and grandparents are invited to participate in welcoming new babies. However, we ask that you choose only two individuals to be with mom in the actual delivery. This is to ensure the safety of mom and baby. Parental education is also available to new parents.

Other benefits to delivering your baby here include:

  • Our patient satisfaction scores exceed the national average
  • Free childbirth classes for anyone delivering here
  • 24-hour anesthesia coverage
  • Professional photography available
  • Wireless Internet access available to patients and visitors

Expectant parents need not look any further for the perfect place to welcome your newest family member to the world. The Staff of the Women’s Center are compassionate and dedicated to providing families with an exceptional birthing experience.

Triage Area

There is limited space, so we ask that only one support person be by your side.

Labor and Deliver Room

No more than 3 visitors are allowed at a time. The staff may request that fewer visitors stay, depending on the conditions of your baby. Visitors also may be asked to step out if you'd like them to or to provide care. Visitors are not permitted in the room during the epidural procedure.

During Delivery

One to two visitors may be present at the time of your baby's birth.

After Your Baby is Born

You will need some time to physically and emotionally recover from labor and delivery. Following your baby's birth, you will be able to be together to bond and get to know each other. We call this “Kangaroo Care.” Your baby will then go to the Nursery to be measured and weighed. After your doctor completes your care following delivery and your baby has been examined and foot printed (for security purposes), your support person will be able to hold your baby. You will then go through the recovery period of your birth for  an hour or two; your nurse will check on you during your recovery. You will be staying in the LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum) birthing room where your family and friends can visit with you.

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