Sleep Lab

Our goal is to assist individuals in the diagnosis and treatments of sleep disorders

Everyone feels sleepy at times. However, when sleepiness interferes with daily routines and activities, or reduces the ability to function, it is called "problem sleepiness."

A person can be sleepy without realizing it. For example, a person may not feel sleepy during activities such as talking and listening to music at a party, but can fall asleep while driving home afterwards.

Medical Director – Thuy Ngo, MD

Sleep Support Group

To increase the awareness of sleep disorders and treatment of these conditions we offer a free support group.
Meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of every month.

Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: LRH Jack Roe Day Room

There will be discussions of disorders and the current methods of diagnosis and treatment. A Durable Medical Equipment Company will be on hand to show new equipment and answer any questions you may have.